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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Someone, please, tell me when Donatism became the acceptable teaching in the Church. I apparently missed the memo.
As a note to the following:

There is a custom that a Diocesan Bishop signs his or her name in the following fashion:

+Robert Maryland, or +Irish Utah

The Bishop of Pittsburgh, the Right Reverend Robert Duncan, would be:

+Robert Pittsburgh.

Yesterday I was feeling lazy and typed in +Bob.
It then occurred to me that we call our Bishop “Plus Bob” every so often.
That lead me to note that “Plus Bob Pittsburgh” fit the meter of a song many of us know. As such, I give you the following:

Who Lives in a See City that Starts with a “P?”

Plus Bob Pittsburgh!

Abhorring, Dogmatic and Censorious is he!

Plus Bob Pittsburgh!

If ecclesial nonsense is something you wish,

Plus Bob Pittsburgh!

then watch his Vicarage go and dehisce!

Plus Bob Pittsburgh! (X3)

Plus Bob Pittsburgh!