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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Malady?

Following upon the Rev. Tobias Haller's set of Anglican maladies (see below) I did a bit of field research. I think I have stumbled upon a new form of an older condition generally called Dermatological Fadism. It is fairly pernicious and quite difficult to treat. I give you my own contribution to the diagnosis of Ecclesial medicine: Presbyopic Emergantism.

Presbyopic Emergantism: Related to Dermatological Fadism and Spastic Demographitus and may have come about through horizontal gene transfer due to constant contact of the two conditions in the hot house environment of Conventions and Conferences. This is born out by all sufferers of this condition suffer from one or the other of these. Occasionally referred to as a Relevancy Tickle, it manifests as a fixation on one set of phenomena to the exclusion of others. Seriousness of disorder may cause a reaction to contrary or different data ranging from dismissal to outright anger. Other symptoms include denim clergy shirts, guitars and an unusual ability to talk about mystics and religious one has never read. Treatments include enforced BCP and H82 use, as well as deeper reading lists and field trips.

Monday, March 16, 2009

In a Godward direction: Anglican Maladies

Here is a brilliant, and funny, set of diagnostic tools for the participants in the Anglican Drama.

In particular, I would commend that we research treatments for Pantheismia, Pluralsy, and (for my own sake ) Tranverse blogitis.

In a Godward direction: Anglican Maladies