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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Communion With Out Baptism.

I've said before, and will say again, that this topic is a none starter for me. I find it to be as interesting to write about as an essay cataloging and detailing every type of ship, sail, weapon, armor, horse, saddle, food, utensil, medical supply and name of every participant down to the lowliest peasant involved in the Norman Invasion in 1066 (including the Viking landing that occurred earlier).  It's really an irritant for me, a bur under the saddle. However, the rate at which people keep writing about this, and keep so desperately missing the points made I kinda feel the need to say SOMETHING.

Rather than just blasting the three of you who read this (hi April) with my general feeling that TEC is ill served by not training it's clergy in Systematics, or for the clericalism that cuts real, deep theological learning out of the hands of the laity, I'll try and stick to the topic. As I note, this is a sight full of ruminations. As such I will have to try and focus my scattered thoughts for a bit on the topic and come back. What I will leave you with is a few links I think might be of interest.

Derek Olsen has weighed in here most recently on this.

Charles Wingate has done a good job summing up another argument here.