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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank you all for your emails and comments here and on other blogs.

Today went well, a lot of people came from all over the area and beyond in horrid weather to pay their respects to my Grandfather. College roommates of my Mother, friends of her and my Uncle traveled several hours to be there. People came from all over the community to tell us how special he was to them.

He never met a stranger, welcomed all at his door and loved freely. He was a spare father and extra grandfather to many people, as well as confidant and friend to many more. One man said that he always knew that he had a home at the Leasure's. My Grandmother quipped that he could have the floor in her room at the nursing home if he ever got that desperate.

He was a man of deep and quiet faith. He loved How Great Thou Art, and Rock of Ages since they reflected his personal theology the best. He was raised a Methodist, he was quick to point out that he was never an EUB. He became a Presbyterian for my Grandmother and served as an Elder for decades. I was told today he was involved in the ordination of over one thousand people of at least 4 denominations. When controversy rocked the local Presbyterians, he drank out of a common cup with an African American woman who he later helped ordain to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament. He had but one quibble with the RSV. His favorite passage was altered from "Many Mansions" to "Many Rooms." He had been in rooms alot. He wanted a Mansion in Heaven. I'm sure arrangments have been made.

She later told me that she figures that she and my Grandfather had been together for 68 years, 63 of those as man and wife.

Thank you for your prayers.

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