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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Denile is Not Just a River in Egypt

Somebody explain to me why the radical Anglo-Catholics think Rome is going to welcome them with open arms?I mean I now understand that they have adopted a magical realism view of Apostolicae curae and can even side step Ad Tuendam Fidem and wear blinders when it comes to the recent statement from the Vatican about them being the only "true" Church. What gets me is the desperation when you bring it all up and present it as a seamless garment, as it were. The anger and wild eyed denials is beyond me.

All of this has been brought to (yet another) head by the return to the fold of the SSPX and the reported Personal Prelature to be announced after Easter by the Pope for the Traditional Anglican Communion. Many of the comments in the Holy Smoke blog linked to above pont out that there is no reason for hope of being called legit.

There is a certain pathos attached to the Anglican Papalist, a desperation that is almost palpable. The "Daddy please love me!" that calls out would be heart breaking if not for the fact that they could solve their issues by swimming the Tiber. Then they would be reunited with Big Daddy Benedict. But they would also be laity, and even if reordained, those who wear purple now would likely never be allowed to be Bishops, not that they were to start with according to the rules they now play by. Gone would by the lace, the pretty little churches they have so lovingly maintained and gone would be any sense of validity to their lives before. Unwilling to do that, they instead whine and hope. They act disgracefully and with manifest disloyalty to the church of their baptism, that nurtured them and gave them shape as Christians. Rather than act with grace and openness to those who are in solidarity with them, they spit upon the sacraments offered them and cling to the thine and ragged theological threads from Rome that not only protects their shrinking privilege, but in actuality deny the humanity of many of their sisters and brothers. It is easier than thinking to be disloyal and condescendingly snotty while wandering around their castles on clouds.

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