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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyond Words

The arrogant and, to be honest, devious and cowardly Donatist conspirators have been unmasked for the schismatic and mendacious villains they are. As is fitting for the subscribers to the, low rent, heresy of the schismatic and false Bishop of Carthage they have freely reinvented the history of the Church and now gone about trying to have their cake and eat it too.

Read the smoking guns of appallingly self serving treason against the Church that has been their home, and their utter disrespect and contempt for their fellow baptized at the following two links. The first is to a set of leaked emails these IRD sycophants have sent to one another, spelling out their plans to deceive and discount the Episcopal Church and the parishioners who are at their mercy in order to further their goals. 
The second is what has to be a presentable document that embodies their quasi Congregationalist excuses for their actions and rational for the institutional perpetuation of their infidelity and nonconformity to the Church Catholic. When I have calmed down, I will explain why these people, many of whom should know better, are so wrong.

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